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What's better than a slice of birthday cake? TWO slices! Add a Chubby Saver for the cherry on top. This amazing Birthday Package Deal gets you two "Happy Birthday" Chubbs Bars and a Chubby Saver for only $17.99! You'll love the dazzling colored sprinkles atop this yummy smelling bar, or will you get candles? It'll be a surprise, just like getting a real birthday present. (Qty 20)

This is a fabulous all purpose shampoo that does an amazing job cleaning and degreasing the pet. For best results, applied directly to the coat of the wet pet really working the shampoo throughout the hair of the pet down to the skin. Then thoroughly rinse out the coat. Apply a second lather as just described for a squeaky clean groom.

NOTE: Average usage is 10-12 cats or small dogs, 8-10 medium dogs, 6-8 large dogs, bathed per bar, lathering twice for each pet and using Chubbs Bars exclusively. Using this average, the shampoo costs are approximately between $.64 and $1.02 per pet with two lathers, using Chubbs Bars exclusively.

*In an effort to preserve the look and natural state of our shampoo bars, weight measurements are approximate and not exact.

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