Strawberry Delight

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Tis the season for strawberries. Our Strawberry Delight bars smell like ripe strawberries fresh off the vine, with maybe a hint of vanilla ice cream to make them very dessert-like.

For best results, apply directly to the coat of the wet pet, really working the shampoo throughout the hair of the pet down to the skin. Then thoroughly rinse out the coat. Apply a second lather as just described for a squeaky clean groom.

Available by the bar and by the pound pack (4 bars):


$29.00/lb (4 bars)*

NOTE: Average usage is 10-12 cats or small dogs bathed per bar, lathering twice for each pet and using Chubbs Bars exclusively. Using this average, the shampoo costs are approximately .68 cents per pet with two lathers, using Chubbs Bars exclusively.

*In an effort to preserve the look and natural state of our shampoo bars, weight measurements are approximate and not exact.

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