I have been grooming for 26 yrs and have used every degreaser out there. This Schnauzer is bathed every 4 weeks.The grease is all gone, and the mats came out with little brushing and NO demat sprays. Why? Because the Chubbs Bars gets them so clean there is no dirt to hold mats in. I love Chubbs Bars.

Cyn Torres - Chubbs Bars Original


My Yorkie, Morgan, is very greasy. I used to bathe her weekly before using the Chubbs Bar, but now she can go two weeks between baths because the Chubbs Bar keeps her coat looking great for longer lengths of time.

Kellie Klunder - Chubbs Bars Original


The CHUBBS bar gets the cats so clean and oil/grease free!! It’s by the far the best shampoo for cats!! My cats give it 4 paws up!!  And I also just LOVE how they smell after a CHUBBS bath!!

Leigh Ann Donnelly - Chubbs Bars Original



Lexie is my beloved pet, and she has a grease problem like most yorkies.  Got grease? Chubbs Bars can fix that!

Gin Martinez - Chubbs Bars Original





My pet's name is Rocky.
He has a horrible coat, especially on his head and face, and its always greasy.
I used the sample Chubbs Bar on him, and it worked great!
I couldn’t believe how little I had to use to get his whole body sudsy.
His head came out clean, fuller and not weighed down. It really helped with his cut.

Angel Robinson - Chubbs Bars Original



“Diego” is a 13 year old Mini Poodle that has allergies and a coat that gets oily rather quickly. After giving the Chubbs bar a try, I was impressed at how well the shampoo worked to remove the oil from his coat without leaving his skin dry or my causing my hands to be irritated. I also like that the shampoo lathered well and how easy it was to rinse out. He is back to fluffy and smelling fresh!

Jeri Wolf - Chubbs Bars Original 



Ok so I just wanted to tell you that my old border terrier STILL has beautiful coat after two months!!! Normally I had to bathe him every week or he would get oily. I bathed him ONE time with a Chubbs bar and haven’t bathed him since because his coat is still not oily and beautiful. He is about 12 (can’t remember for sure off hand) and had been a struggle all these years. I still keep him stripped and in show coat but not having to bathe him out has made it so much better. I can’t tell you how much I love this!!! He is a Grand Champion and a couch potato!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart as you have saved me from tons of bathing!!!! And I used to he a distributor of another product that was better than most but it doesn’t hold a candle to Chubbs bars!!!!!

Rhonda Mullenix - Chubbs Bars 



BEST deoderizer EVER!! Every smooshy-face dog (Shihtzus, Pugs, Pekes, etc.) I bathe gets an automatic Chubbs face wash even if I use another shampoo at the owner’s request. I have a Chow that has the worst case of lip fold dermatitis that I have ever seen. He has putrid smelling brown gunk all under his chin, on his neck and his chest. Prior to the discovery of Chubbs Bars, I had tried a myriad of products to get rid of that stench, but I always had to resort to my heavy-duty deoderizer to make it disappear. Now, two washes with a Chubbs Bar ELIMINATES the smell completely. You can actually shove your nose right up into his neck and smell nothing. THANK YOU, CHUBBS! You have a customer for life with me!

Heidi Hokett - Chubbs Bar Original


Jills no longer has an oily coat thanks to Chubbs! 

Brianna Hanwell - Chubbs Bars Original

jills after